Upon leaving school I starting work in Warracknabeal for an electrical retailer as a Radio & TV technician.

In the early 80’s I had the chance to demonstrate to a local business the wonders of capturing video using a new portable video camera with a separate recorder. From that moment I knew that’s what I wanted to do “capture moments in time”.

I persuaded my father to get a portable video camera system so I could video what was happening on the family farm and beyond.

I started videoing friend’s weddings and 21sts on this bulky camera system with poor light and clarity.

Eventually I purchased a professional grade video camera to offer better colour and clarity for my clients.

Computer based editing wasn’t available at that stage and I couldn’t afford a professional based tape to tape editing system.

As time went by my list of equipment grew from owning a good video camera to include radio microphones, professional grade tripod and more lighting while at the same time attempting to stay at the forefront of technology.

I started videoing football and a few other items when required for VIC TV, in those days the tape was delivered on the local train to reach the TV network the following day for the nightly news.

Carrying the heavy camera, recorder, wooden tripod, lighting and lead acid batteries was a challenge in itself.

Technology was progressing fast during the 90’s and I eventually purchased all in one semipro camcorder which saved my back and shoulders. This gave me more freedom and pretty much saved my back.

Technology did not slow down and cameras became smaller and better in low light with more clarity (dynamic range), eventually I went digital in 1999 along with computer based editing which opened up a whole new world.

Learning how to master all this technology was a challenge, with bugs in software, computer crashes, hard drive failures and very limited internet access.

From handing a VHS tape to a client to supplying a DVD was a big leap also a technological challenge but the DVD provided superior quality.

Around 2011 I started getting serious photographing landscapes with the equipment I had.

This has grown to where it is today along with a greater love of the landscape where I live.

Video production today:

I’m recording onto memory cards the size of a fingernail, editing on a computer designed for audio visual work that I can carry with me, upload to the cloud anywhere in the world.

The many kilos of equipment needed to record events in the early 80’s can now be carried in your shirt pocket and offer no comparison in quality to those early days.